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Freebie Alert ! Hot Stuff


✮ ✮ FREEBIE ALERT! ✮ ✮ ✮


He’s about to find out … She’s not just one of the guys.


Hot Stuff, the first standalone in the sexy Hot Zone series from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips, is FREE for a limited time only!


Don’t miss out! Grab your copy today!



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Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle’s firm, The Hot Zone.


Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She’s naturally drawn to real men—like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn.


The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she’d better hold on tight if she doesn’t want to lose her heart.

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Saturday’s Reading Updates and Highlights

Saturday Goodreads  Update : 

1545340332-1545340332_goodreads_misc (1)


You have read 101 of 240 books in 2019. I am almost half way done and its only February !  Follow me @ Follow Me


Saturday Book  Highlights  from last week :  Read my Reviews @ Goodreads . 

CAELIUS: Elementals MC (book 9) (Elemental’s MC)


Kindle Unlimited 


Alexi Ferreira (Goodreads Author)
No one knows the hell that I’ve been through or how close I am to losing myself. To know that my salvation is out there, has me searching relentlessly. My woman, she is the light that I’ve been craving, the peace that I lost so long ago. I know the Keres are after her, but if they think that they can take my last hope, my salvation. They will meet their end, because now that I have found her nothing is going to keep us apart.

The pain in his eyes calls to all my nurturing instincts, the passion in his arms calls to everything that is me. Caelius needs me, but I have come to realize that I need him just as much.

MC: Boxed Set 1-4


The MC Books 1-4
Knight: Steve Knight is autistic. The government taught him a singular focus and he uses all he learned to protect the only family that ever accepted him. When he meets Jess, he learns how to love. With no conditions to that love he accepts and fights the disease that threatens to take her mobility away.
Wars are not only with gangs in Steve’s world. He shows his Brothers what Badass means.

LaPonte: Danny is a player, it’s that simple. He comes back to the Club and loses himself in Club chicks and whores. When Kate realizes he’s not all in she walks leaving Danny scrambling to get her back. As domestic violence takes center stage, Kate is seen in a new light and shows the MC that Badass is not

LaPonte-Karr: Rich is back and Patches can’t be happier. He’s thrown when Rich brings a slave home. The MC bought her freedom but Rich and Patches are tasked with keeping her and her visions safe. The Brothers teach Tess about life, love and family and Tess teaches Patches what strong really is.

Pres: Ben James lives for his Club and community with a vision for a better world but he does it alone. His life derails when Danny asks him to become a partner with him and Kate. Danny has to teach Ben what all in means before Kate’s deadline. Pres has never been on shakier ground.

From the Library : 

Collision Course

(Body Shop Bad Boys #4)



Marie Harte (Goodreads Author)
He’s always had a way with the ladies
She won’t give him the time of day
Sparks fly when two hearts in motion collide.

Florist Joey Reeves is working overtime to stay away from Lou Cortez, the ace mechanic with a reputation for irresistible charm. She’s a single mom with enough on her plate—the last thing she needs is entanglement with the hottest guy in town…

“Well, hello there.”

Joey glanced up and froze. The man who’d been haunting her sleep looked even better in the hard light of day.
“H-hello.” She coughed. The guys who worked at Webster’s Garage all looked larger than life, covered in tattoos, muscles, and that indefinable sense of danger they wore like a second skin. But this guy, the tall, Latin lover with dark-brown eyes and lips made for kissing, who had snared her.

Body Shop Bad Boys Series:
Test Drive (Book 1)
Roadside Assistance (Book 2)
Zero to Sixty (Book 3)
Collision Course (Book 4)

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Saturday Good Reads Update :



You have read 83 of 240 books in 2019.challenge


Some highlights this week : 


Virgin – Book link

Growing up in MCs, he was used to the status quo. Brotherhood. Parties. Women in passing. And he was sure that was all he would ever want – or need. Until one night, he came across her.

Freddie –

She had ten years to make up for. Old bonds to reinforce. Revenge to plot and execute. The last thing she expected was an arms-dealing biker to come into her life, making her second-guess all her plans for her future…


book link

Ex-Ranger and military dog handler Beck Gunnar wants nothing more than to get back into action and earn a spot on the Brotherhood Protectors team. After surviving a brutal mortar attack, both dog and handler face limitations caused by their wounds. Beck is in denial about his hearing loss, and King won’t follow training to sniff out explosives.

Veterinarian Danae Orestes packed up her Philadelphia life, put her ex-husband behind her, and started a new vet practice in rural Montana. After a life lived around domineering males, she’s happy to be on her own. Then a new client, who is built like a Nordic God, walks into her office, sparking an interest that she thought had died.

When she’s plagued by threatening calls, Beck is the man Danae turns to…but do he and King have the skills to keep her safe?




book link

I was eight years old when I found out I had a father. It was the same day I held my dead mother in my arms while praying her life wasn’t really over.
I was dropped into the middle of a new family not long after that. My dad, his wife, and their two kids to be exact. My new brother was ten years old and my sister was five. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I wasn’t supposed to be there.
My family ended up bigger than that though. My dad was a member of the Aces High Motorcycle Club. From the very beginning I was ostracized because of who my mother had been. The daughters of club members were generally known as MC Princesses. My little sister was one. My title was a bit different, and proved that my mom’s sins would always be held against me. I was The Other Princess.
My family, both by blood and MC ties, did wrong by me so I walked away from them. That was until he came home from the Army.
He tried to fix everything.
He tried to win an unattainable heart that had shut down years earlier.
I would know since it was my heart he was after.
He didn’t realize it would take a miracle.
Secretly, I hoped I could still believe in miracles.

*Note: The Aces High Charleston Series should be read in order.
While each book revolves around different members of the Aces High MC Family, they all follow along a timeline that will lead to spoilers if you skip around. They do not have to be read in any particular order with Aces High Books from other chapters (Dakotas, Cedar Falls, etc.)

Book 1: The Other Princess (available now)
Coming in 2019:
Book 2: A Love So Hard
Book 3: The Princess & the Prospect
Book 4: The Killing Ride
Book 5: A Twist of Fate

The Charleston Chapter Series of the Aces High MC Franchise deals heavily with internal family themes, and is not your typical MC against MC with romance thrown in book. This is a family drama. The family just so happens to live and breathe bikes and the MC lifestyle. The only things blown up in this book will be a few hearts. 😉 You have been warned!

This is a full length novel at over 80,000 words for the story (not counting preview chapters for the next book


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On Sale * Bad Breed by Amanda Heartley

Bad Breed. There’s no name more appropriate.

Violence has dogged me all my life.
An asshat father, a cruel foster home.
Seems I’m following the same path.
Only worse.

I lost someone, and it hurt me bad.
Drugs and street crime were all I knew.
But that all ended the day I got patched.

We owned Hardale, CA. It was our town.
Until that firefight with the Cobras.
Now, we’re laying low…or supposed to be.
But a cute waitress soon changes all that.

She’s beautiful, though I can’t get involved.
Risking my brothers is the last thing I want.
Our lives are poles apart.
But I want her in my bed.
And I’ll fight again to get her.

If you love dirty-talking, bike-riding, gun-toting hotties, Bad Breed is a full-length, standalone MC romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy-ever-after!



About the Book

Bad Breed
by Amanda Heartley

n/a; standalone

Contemporary Romance
Biker Romance

Cheeky Books Ltd.

Publication Date
February 2, 2019

Purchase Your Copy Today for Just $0.99!
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About Amanda Heartley

USA Today bestselling author, AMANDA HEARTLEY, writes heart-warming steamy romance, featuring strong, sexy bad boys and feisty, sensual women.

Her stories take you on an emotional ride of enduring love and steamy sex that always end with a happy-ever-after, and her evocative characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

You can join in the fun in Amanda’s reader group to talk about love, life, books, and share a little man-candy.

Newsletter  |  Website  |  Facebook  |  Facebook Reader Group  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Amazon




This promotion is brought to you by Pure Textuality PR.








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Say No to Joe?

From my ReRead list on Kindle from August of 2003 and only $1.99  : Lori Foster is always a great read.   Lisa 



“Lori Foster writes about real people you’ll fall in love with.” —Stella Cameron

You met Joe Winston in Lori Foster’s Wild. Now, the Winston brothers’ seductive, bad-boy cousin is back and up against a woman who’s immune to his considerable charms—or so it
seems . . .


Joe Winston has a routine with women: he exists; they swoon; roll credits. With his smoldering looks, macho style, and irrepressible charm, Joe can have any woman—except the one he really wants. Secretly, Luna Clark may lust after Joe, but she’s made it clear that she’s too smart to fall for him. He can just keep holding his breath, thank you very much. But now, Luna’s inherited two kids who need more than she alone can give in a small town that seems hell-bent on driving them away. She needs someone to help out . . . someone who can’t be intimidated . . . someone just like Joe. Becoming an instant family wasn’t exactly what Joe had in mind, but hey, it’s a start, and you can’t blame a guy for trying every angle.

After all, where there’s a Joe, there’s a way . . . straight into a woman’s heart.

“When it comes to delivering sexy and sensual romance, author Lori Foster is in a class by herself.” —RT Book Reviews

Check out this book on Goodreads: Say No to Joe?

Love Lori Foster books and how can you say No to Joe is another winner. A great cover too read more at my link. Lisa

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2019 Reading Challenge update @ Goodreads

I have read 55 of 55 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

What’s your goal on Goodreads? I might have to change mine at the rate I am going.

Also some are older books from my kindle that I am rereading and maybe didn’t leave a review. Look for my update each Saturday! What are you reading this weekend?

I just posted some of my last week favorites-so check them out at Goodreads.

Lisa Book blog / Lisa Book Shelf page on Facebook.

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2019 Re Read Quest with Lisa

I am on a personal reading quest ! I have hundreds (thousands) Okay lots of books  that  found a  home in my kindle library – Its time for a Reread ! Some are old favorites -lots are freebies and some I dont remember –


But they are getting a time to shine !  My goal is to read every book  and  write a review if I missed one.

   Check out my Goodreads  feed to see what I am reading !  

0edc7fec656916456a0ea75d6a0690c8Lisa Books

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Retelling of Fairy Tales Trend in Books *

Hi Guys It’s Saturday & may question is about  Retelling  of Fairy Tale  in Romance Books * 

I just posted a cover reveal for one  & they seem to be a new trend -Retelling of classic tales with an adult spin to them. What’s your thoughts on the new trend?

Do You Read them? Did  you read them as a child ? Do you read (regular ones) to you children? 

  1. No (usually)
  2.  Yes
  3.  No


You can comment or Vote at Twiiter


“Fairy tales are important not because they show children how life is, but because they give form to deep fears and dreams about life through fantasy,” According to child psychologist Sally Goddard Blythe, director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology and author of The Genius of Natural Childhood: Secrets of Thriving Children,


But as Adults they reflect a new trend that started with Movies and found it self into books shelves .  Not surprising since Disney made adult version of some of its best movies.  No we see a jump  to Adult Romance books since most books have  a heroin finding her prince charming and a Happy Ending  . Even if the trip is not that smooth like the movies/children books .

Here’s a new version of Little Red Robin Hood   ( Wolf is a shifter)  and a list if you are interested in more.    Lisa


book link

Kindle Unlimited book 

Need a Saturday Reading List : Goodreads Fairy Tale Romances

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Often * Iron Orchids Book 4


book link

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations…
He wore suits and I wore biker boots.
He went to University and I went to Trade school.
He lived in a big home and I lived in a tiny apartment.
When my world was turned upside down,
he took me in his arms and promised to help me find a new direction.
Now I’ve lost my job,
been separated from my friends,
and any day an eviction notice was bound to show up.
Unfortunately, my journey was tougher than he had imagined.
When nothing goes right, look who’s left.


 Book  4  Review:  Series Free with Kindle Unlimited

If you haven’t read this series Start with book 1 it’s a fun book with strong women and the men they love. In this latest book it’s Ian and Leo two opposites that are perfect together.  I an might wear a suite and a workaholic but Leo is what he needs. She has been part of the family since she was 5  but they finally come together at his brothers wedding. But the path is rocky when the police is involved and Leo is accused of wrong doing but the ladies of Iron Orchid band together and these two have there happy ending. .  Not a stand a lone -start with book 1 and read about these amazing characters that make up this book.

Start  with Book 1          book link



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Dog Mom Day * Like Cats & Dogs



It’s National Dog Mom Day !!!! This one is for you :


book link


Laura is drifting through life.

Spencer has the next decade perfectly planned.

Laura loves her dog Frank.

Spencer pampers his cat Mozart.

Both humans have nothing in common, but when there’s a mix-up with a vacation rental house, they’re suddenly stuck together.

At first, they fight like cats and dogs. Yet they can’t deny that opposites definitely attract. Can they find a way to share a roof without driving each other crazy…or falling in love?

This funny, feel-good romance contains a free Hallmark original recipe for S’mores Waffles.